Lots of individuals nowadays, men and women, young or old are fond of taking pictures wherever they go. The reason why they take pictures is that they want to preserve the memory and it feels very relaxing to see you with your friends and family in a photo.

Are you soon hosting an event and you wanted to entertain your guest through taking pictures with their acquaintances? Bringing with you a camera is also a good thing to consider since you can take photos anytime and anywhere however getting an
Instant Photo Booth Rental is much more ideal as this will enable you to really enjoy the moment with your friends and families.

instant photo booth

Instant photo booth service includes a photographer and a team who will set up the event right into your event, you will no longer have any problem.
The only thing that you need to do is to invite your friends and guests to proceed to the photo booth,smile, pose and enjoy the moment.
The photo booth will of course be arranged and designed well so that it would fit best to the event. When it comes to the background of the photos, you can have the assurance that your guests will like it. The background will also help them in making themselves a lot more attractive and appealing.

instant photo booth

So, whether you will be hosting a simple or big event, having this Instant Photo Booth Rental is very much ideal. This will not just improve your venue but will also provide more enjoyment to your guests.
Aside from the fact that you and your guests will be given the chance to take pictures together, you would be able to preserve the memory you had with these important people in your life.

Rental rate starting from S$350 for 1st hour
Attractive package price will be quoted for long duration rental

Add-On Services:
Backdrop Printing and Installation

Personalized Theme Props

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